Patricia McIntyre's Murder-Ink has been entertaining audiences for over twenty years. She has written each of  these custom crafted mysteries to fit the specific occasion of their live performance. Each time, the audience finds themselves caught up in the murderous fun of solving the who-done-it. From the murder itself, played in plain sight right before their eyes, through the questioning of all the usual suspects, they search out the intricately placed clues to the final solving of the crime.  Questioning the wily cast of suspects the audience becomes entwined in the often comical weave of clever evasion and misdirection that reveals endless webs of motive and intrigue.

At the end of the highly enjoyable evening of ensemble theater the guilty culprit is found out by the best sleuths in the crowd and the murder mystery is unwound. For hotel, restaurant, and cafe dinner theater entertainment or for private occasions including organizational fund raisers Murder-Ink is a proven hit. 

To start the ball rolling toward your very own custom scripted murder email or call Patti and have a little chat about your very own murder mystery.



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